Everlypedia – May 2021

New for 2021:

Several new entries including biographies on session musicians who played on Everly albums.

Have a look at the entries for Tribute Acts and Tribute Albums, betcha there are more than you thought!

2019: *** Don Everly was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame 22nd October for his iconic guitar lick on ‘Wake Up Little Susie’. The event took place in Nashville.
Of course, we’ve all known for decades it was brilliant! ***

Footage from the audience of Don’s induction

Musicians Hall Of Fame 2019 inductees

2019 Musicians Hall of Fame Ceremony and Induction Concert

New for May 2019:

Small changes, additions and adjustments + Sillyshow Stride (a poem by Paul Muldoon mentioning the Everlys)

New for September 2018:

John Firminger, whom some of you may remember for producing the Everly Brothers fanzine Stories We Can Tell in the 1980s, has launched a new fanzine, Devoted To Them The first issue was published in January 2018. For contact details regarding subscription etc., see the leaflet below! We thought we’d bring you the news; we have no connection to the fanzine.

Fanzine Comp. Leaflet

New for May 2017:

Always wanted to know what happened to Phil’s guitar after the fateful show at Knott’s Berry Farm July 1973? Sam McCue explains:

“When Phil threw his guitar down and smashed it at, Knott’s Berry Farm, I picked up the pieces and our drummer, Gino, asked if he could have it. Phil replied ‘No, that one is Sam’s 
I gave it to Steinegger, who totally rebuilt it. We had it over at Phil’s house one day and it played so well he decided to keep it.
Oh, well, it was his guitar, so what could I say?” –  thanks Sam!!

Look under McCue, Sam.


Alain Fournier’s new book on The Everly Brothers: The Everly Brothers – Deux Enfants Du Rock. Over 500 pages and more than 100 pictures – many of them from Alain’s personal collection! Plus a discography on 58 albums. It is Alain Fournier’s history with the Everly Brothers. Look under “Everly Brothers – Deux Enfants Du Rock, The”.

Order it on Amazon: here

Or on Camion Blanc: here

Couverture Everly Book - Copie

As Dick Rivers describes it in this preface, “It’s impossible to imagine the world of rock ‘n’ roll, country, and pop music in general without the repertoire of the Everly Brothers”. Like Buddy Holly and the King’s ‘Love Me Tender’, they added nobility and tenderness to a music that wasn’t – only – to rebel.

In France, who else but Alain Fournier could deliver a detailed masterpiece like this? Born in 1943, a former physical education teacher, correspondent of the Everly Brothers International Fan Club (EBI) since 1974 and president of Country Music Memorial, Alain offers us a look into his personal archives, his expertise, his memories….and his passion.

Updated April 2016:

Lord Of The Manor

New entries for February 2016:

Cogan, Alma (updated)
Lost Coyote
Stewart, Brian C.
Get Your Phil – the Lost Coyote album (Tracks: Crying In Your Coffee/What’s Your Name/Movin’ On Down The Line/Never Coming Back/You Don’t Want My Love/ Dancin’ On A Saturday/All I Need Is You/ Love Is Like Money/Train Has Left The Station/Loves To Lie/My Gui-Tar/Chase The Sun)
I Got You But All You Got Is Me
You Can’t Bring Me Down

“Phil told me that he had no complaints with his life when we were working together. He said, ‘I will sing ‘Wake Up Little Susie’ until the cows come home and be thankful to my soul for it. But for all the pats on the back and the awards I’ve gotten, I really wish people heard what I was doing now.’ Phil was my friend and that’s what I’m trying to do here.” – Brian C. Stewart of Lost Coyote.

Listen to the album – do it for Phil, or simply because it is an excellent CD!! (Also see the News Page – January 2016.)

New entries for January 2016:

Sounds Like The Navy
In session
We do not have copies of these programmes. We’d be grateful for any more information. 

New entries for November 2015: 

Way You Make Me Feel, The

New entries for October 2015:

Call On God
Dreams That Don’t Come True
Heart Of Tennessee

This is what happens when two Everly fans meet: they become fast friends and…..they create a complete (as far as that is possible!) index/encyclopaedia on every facet of Don & Phil Everly, covering their lives, careers, influences and connections – of course, from us as huge fans, with all due respect to them and their families. In Everlypedia you will find details on their recording sessions, record companies, musicians they worked and recorded with, all the songs and albums, the 1970 TV Show listings, all the tours they ever went on – and the list goes on and on and on. Plus a great many photos for when you get tired of reading!

Everlypedia will be updated from time to time so make sure to check back for a new version.

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