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New for May 2021:

Will The Circle Be Unbroken from A Prairie Home Companion.

-New for November 2020:

Truckload of Art, a (thus far lost) demo with Don Everly and James Burton for the movie Two-Lane Blacktop.

-New for October 2020:

A Date With The Everly Brothers by the Krueger Band, a song that mentions the Everly Brothers.

– New for September 2020:

Lyrics to the lost recording ‘Carolyn Walking Away’.

– New for August 2020:

Two Black Guitars by Bonnie Koloc, a song that mentions the Everly Brothers.

– New for May 2020:

Murder Most Foul, a Bob Dylan song that references Wake Up Little Susie.

  – New for March 2019:

Phil and Don by Camera Obscura.

– New for August 2017:

Mama Don’t Allow (Don live with Hogan’s Heroes and Albert Lee).

– New for May 2017:

Updated a number of dates (composer death) and general titivating.

–  New Song Entry for July 2016:

Home To You, Kentucky.

–  New Song Entries for February 2016:

Get Your Phil – the Lost Coyote album (Tracks: Crying In Your Coffee/What’s Your Name/Movin’ On Down The Line/Never Coming Back/You Don’t Want My Love/ Dancin’ On A Saturday/All I Need Is You/ Love Is Like Money/Train Has Left The Station/Loves To Lie/My Gui-Tar/Chase The Sun)
I Got You But All You Got Is Me
You Can’t Bring Me Down

“Phil told me that he had no complaints with his life when we were working together. He said, ‘I will sing ‘Wake Up Little Susie’ until the cows come home and be thankful to my soul for it. But for all the pats on the back and the awards I’ve gotten, I really wish people heard what I was doing now.’ Phil was my friend and that’s what I’m trying to do here.” – Brian C. Stewart of Lost Coyote.

Listen to the album – do it for Phil, or simply because it is an excellent CD!! (Also see the News page – January 2016)

– New Song Entries for November 2015:

Way You Make Me Feel, The
Call On God
Dreams That Don’t Come True
Heart Of Tennessee

– New song entry for July 2015:

Cathy’s New Clown

– New song entry for June 2015:

I Just Know

– New song entries for April 2015:

I Fought The Law
Heart As Cold As Ice
Ready Teddy
Ride, Cowgirl, Ride
Slow Down

Starting off with the Bob Dylan composition ‘Abandoned Love’ and ending with the obscure German-language song ‘Zwei Gitarren am Meer’, The Everly Brothers Lyric List contains everything Don and Phil ever recorded or were involved in as a duo or solo, and which was released on vinyl, CD or DVD. They have worked together with a slew of artists (for details consult the Collaborations List in Discography), often contributing vocals or playing guitar – or they cowrote or produced the track for a fellow musician. All of these are included in the Lyric List alongside the Everlys’ many hits. Also included are the songs from the 1970 ABC TV show Johnny Cash Presents The Everly Brothers. One omission is Don Everly’s rumoured contribution to Gram Parson’s International Submarine Band album Safe At Home as it is not apparent which tracks, if any, he sang on. He did contribute sleeve notes. For more information on each track, please consult EVERLYPEDIA or the various Discography Lists.

The lyrics are as performed in principal recordings (or demos) by The Everly Brothers or, in the case of Everly compositions, performed by others alone and/or with Don and/or Phil Everly. Additionally included, for diehard collectors of all things Everly, are songs where lyrics refer to Don & Phil or their songs – shown in green.

The list is in strict alphabetical order starting with the initial letter of the title including words like ‘The’ or ‘A’ and if within brackets, e.g. ‘(‘Til)’ or ‘(I’d)’. Verses omitted (or added later, like ‘Walk Right Back’) have been included for interest and are shown in dark blue as are notes, information and lyrics to ‘backing only’ and other currently missing tracks. Solo recordings are noted in purple. The bracketed date (with a ‘?’ if uncertain, ‘?’ if unknown) following the title denotes the year of first recording or release. Italics with song lyrics generally denotes speech.

In a very few cases it is very difficult to detect from the recording precisely what is being sung, in which case, queries/gaps or alternative suggestions are included in blue and/or indicated by ??. Some very obscure titles have been discovered; these are marked*. If you have any information about these compositions, we would love to hear from you. Contact details are in the intros of the various pdfs.

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