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The Everly Brothers discography is split up into recording eras and covers everything from the very early Everly Family radio shows (1946) and even Don’s very first solo recording at the age of five in a sound booth (1942) until the last collaboration recordings. We will keep updating the lists as new finds come to light.

From Everly Family to Cadence Discography – Feb.2016 Covers the very first recordings of  Don and Phil on the Everly Family Radio Show, the four Columbia tracks, demos and the complete Cadence recordings. From 1942-1960.

Everly Warner Brothers discography – Feb.2016  Covers the Warner Brothers period from 1960-1970.

Everly RCA discography – Feb.2016 Covers the RCA era from 1971-1973.

Everly Solo Years discography – Feb.2016 Covers all the solo recordings of Don and Phil Everly throughout their long career, most notably of course the solo albums they recorded in between the infamous split 14 July 1973 and the reunion in 1983.

Everly Reunion and Beyond discography – Feb.2016 The famous reunion took place at the Royal Albert Hall, 22 & 23 September 1983. This covers every recording The Everly Brothers have made since as a duo until the present day.

Everly Brothers Collaborations discography- August 2017 During their long career Don and Phil collaborated with many artists. This discography covers all recordings where Don and/or Phil contributed vocals, played guitar on someone else’s track, co-wrote a song etc. It omits the very numerous times they sang their own hits with another artist, unless it was a very significant version and released on record/CD/DVD.

Everly Brothers Discography – Everly Brothers Discography – Everly Brothers Discography