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The Everly Brothers Covers List – October 2017

Updated 1 October 2017

To begin with, strictly speaking not a cover but too good not to mention. Take a look!
Matt Scaptura –  Dogs Dogs Dogs (Are Made To Love).

New entries (our thanks to Alain Fournier, Cor van den Maagdenberg, Jurgen Nowak and Anthony Taylor):

Bye Bye Love: Charlie Norman Och The Steampipers (S; 1958); Will Jordan (USA) (1959)
Devoted To You: The Seekers (UK; 1996)
I’m Not Angry: Los Crazy Boys (MEX; 1962 – Ahora Que Te Tengo)
Let It Be Me: Michael Ball w/ the Overtones (UK; 2014); The Explosive Mind (AUS;1967)
Maybe Tomorrow:  Helen Merrill
So Sad:  Peters & Lee
Walk Right Back: Chris Hillman (USA; 2017); Chris Hillman, Herb Pederson & John Jorgenson (soundcheck)
Torture: Margo Erkens (D: Coeur blessé, Armes Herz)
Yesterday Just Passed My Way Again: Charlie Landsborough (USA; 2012)

The Everly Brothers songs have been covered by a great many artists throughout the years. In 2013 alone, three tribute albums were released: Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Dawn French’s What The Brothers Sang; The Chapin Sisters’ A Date With The Everly Brothers; and Billie Joe Armstong & Norah Jones’ Foreverly.  In 2015, Dead Rock West released the excellent It’s Everly Time. There is no escaping the Everly influence! We thought (after an original idea by Peter Aarts published in 1998 in Kentucky Magazine no. 58) that it would be fun to collect the covers, but in order to keep the project to manageable proportions, we have had to narrow it down and have focussed on Everly compositions (Don and/or Phil, e.g. ‘The Price Of Love’ or ‘Since You Broke My Heart’); material by other composers but first recorded by The Everly Brothers (e.g. ‘Bird Dog’, ‘Bye Bye Love’, ‘Wake Up Little Susie’) or recordings they are identified with and thus made their own (e.g. ‘Be Bop A Lula’). In the latter case we have, where known, put the original artist first on the list and indicated them in red. Artists indicated in blue need verification: don’t hesitate to help us out here! Contact details are in the document.

In selecting the tracks we view as ‘typically Everly Brothers’ we have used our own judgement – we hope you agree! Please let us know of any covers that ought to be included here, our criterion is that they must be on an official release (i.e. not simply performed live and put on YouTube). The List will be updated on a monthly basis, so be sure to check back again from time to time.

For more information on each track please refer to the Discography Lists and Lyric List and to EVERLYPEDIA. Many of these recordings are available as downloads or can be found on YouTube.

Everly Brothers Covers List – Everly Brothers Covers List