Jim Ford

JIM FORD LYRICS – August 2019

Jim Ford was born 23rd August 1941 in Paintsville, Johnson County, Kentucky, USA. His music is a blend of country, folk, funk and soul; Jim Ford called himself ‘country funky’ – which is about right! He was found dead early in the evening of Sunday 18th November 2007 in his trailer home by the Mendocino County Sheriff’s department.

Only two albums were released during his lifetime: Harlan County (1969) and The Sounds Of Our Time (2007). In between Jim Ford recorded numerous home demos as well as doing official recording sessions for Capitol and Paramount but none of the tracks laid down were ever issued at the time. In 2006, Swedish journalist L-P Anderson tracked Jim Ford down and discovered a wealth of reel-to-reel tapes piled high on the floor of Jim’s trailer home. The Sounds Of Our Time (2007) contains Jim Ford’s 1969 debut album, complemented with tracks from those reels. Plans were made to release more and even to record again but sadly Jim Ford died before any of this could take place. However, several albums have been issued since, including the two albums Jim Ford recorded in the early 1970s for Capitol and Paramount but were kept in the can.

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